F4F Meaning on Instagram

Hashtag F4F Meaning: What does F4F mean on Instagram?

F4F Meaning on Instagram

What does F4F mean?

Follow 4 Follow (Follow for Follow)

F4F is a commonly used hashtag on Instagram that stands for ‘Follow 4 Follow’ or ‘Follow for Follow’. Users may tag #F4F on their photos in the hopes that other users see the tag and decide to follow them. Users may also comment F4F on another users photo to directly propose a ‘Follow for Follow’ exchange. This is similar to L4L, or Like for Like, which is popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

#F4F = Follow 4 Follow (Follow for Follow)

On Fleek Meaning

Fleek Meaning – Slang – On Fleek 

What does on fleek mean online?

What does fleek mean?

On Fleek Meaning | What does On Fleek mean?
On Fleek Meaning – The origin of the term “on fleek” used to describe eyebrows.

On Fleek: On Point

Fleek is a slang term popularized by Vine user after posting in June, 2014. The term will almost always be used as “on fleek”, with the word “on” preceding the slang “fleek”. The term “on fleek” translates to “on point”, a way of describing something as perfect, accurate, or proper. In the Vine video, Peaches says “We in this bitch, finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek, da fuck”. “Eyebrows on fleek” means that her eyebrows are on point, perfect, or proper. Together, this can roughly translate to “We’re all together, about to party / have a fun time, my eyebrows are on point / perfect, surprisingly so.” The “On Fleek” meaning is “On Point”.


On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, the slang “on fleek” may be used jokingly to refer to a person’s bad eyebrows. It may also be used in a serious manner to describe things such as hair or an outfit as perfect. The hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek is used on Instagram and Twitter frequently.


On Fleek Meaning  = On Point

What does twerk mean? What is twerking?

What does Twerk mean? What is Twerking?

The meaning of the new trend:

What does twerking mean? What is Twerking?
A mother that doesn’t have a clue of…what could “twerking” possibly mean?!

Twerk Meaning – Twerking:

What does twerk mean? What is twerking? You’ve likely come across the new trend online, on a site such as Facebook or Twitter, or on a social networking app like Instagram or Vine. Perhaps you’ve seen your grandchildren mention the term ‘twerk’ or post a video of themselves twerking. In any case, we are here to explain!

Twerk (verb) – dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

Example of Twerk/Twerking in a sentence: “The girls at the parties were twerking to that new song! It was crazy!”

In recent years, a trend and type of dance has developed where girls, typically younger, dance to music in a sexually provocative manner. Twerking is often done to loud rap or hip-hop music, usually at parties or with large groups of people. ‘Twerk Team’ may refer to , or just to a group of women twerking next to each other. Twerk videos have become very popular on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and on video sharing sites like YouTube or World Star Hip Hop. Many people upload videos of themselves twerking as a joke because they may find it to be funny or ridiculous. People often twerk with their feet on a wall and their hands on the floor.



VSCO Meaning Instagram

VSCO Meaning on Instagram 

Hashtag VSCO Meaning: What does VSCO mean on Instagram?

What does VSCO mean?

Visual Supply Co / VSCOcam App (photo editing app)

VSCO is a very popular hashtag on Instagram. VSCOcam is also a very popular hashtag. The  VSCO meaning is really “Visual Supply Co.”, but VSCO on Instagram is short for VSCOcam, a very popular photo editing app made by . VSCOcam is used by many Instagrammers to edit their photos and is on of the most popular photo editing apps available for iOS and android. Many popular photographers and Instagram users use the VSCOcam app, and many users of the app use the hashtag VSCO on their photos. 

VSCO Meaning = VSCOcam / Visual Supply Co

#VSCO = Visual Supply Co, makers of the popular photo editing app VSCOcam.

TBT Meaning on Instagram

TBT Meaning on Instagram 

Hashtag TBT Meaning

TBT Meaning on Instagram

What does TBT mean?

Throwback Thursday

TBT is a very popular hashtag used on (and sometimes Facebook or Twitter) tagged on old photos A.K.A. “throwbacks”. #TBT photos can be anywhere from 5 minutes old to 100 years old. Common photos using the hashtag may be an old vacation, a baby picture, or a picture with old friends. Comparison photos are also very popular – ex) A 2012 Ford Mustang vs. a 1969 Ford Mustang. Throwback Thursday is very similar to FBF, or Flashback Friday, which is essentially the same thing with a different name.

#TBT = Throwback Thursday

SMH Meaning

SMH Meaning

What does SMH Mean? The meaning of SMH

What does SMH mean?

SMH meaning: Shaking my Head

SMH is an acronym used frequently online, especially on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. SMH means ‘Shaking my Head’, and is used to show disappointment, disbelief, or disapproval. If someone sees a friend say something very silly, they may leave a comment with “smh” in it. They may also use it when expressing their opinion on a news story. For example, a bright student may be caught using drugs, so someone will leave a comment along the lines of “SMH, he should have known better!”. The SMH meaning “shaking my head”. On Facebook, SMH is used by people to show that they disapprove or don’t like something. In real life you may shake your head if you hear or see something that you don’t believe, don’t understand, or disapprove of. “Shaking my head” is used the same way online, much like LOL (laugh out loud) is.

SMH meaning example: “Why would that smart kid make such a bad decision? He should know that drugs are bad! SMH!”

SMH Instagram hashtag: #SMH is also a popular hashtag on Instagram, and has been tagged to millions of photos! Instagram users will use the hashtag SMH the same way they would anywhere else – to show that they can’t believe something, don’t understand something, or disapprove of something.

SMH means Shaking my Head

Popular Hashtags 2014

Popular Hashtags 2014

A list of popular hashtags from social media sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & more.

#TBT – Throwback Thursday
#WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday
#MCM – Man Candy Monday
#OOTD – Outfit of the Day
#CTFU – Cracking the Fuck Up
#FBF – Flashback Friday
#IGERS – Short for Instagrammers

#L4L – Like for Like (like my photo and I’ll like yours)
#F4F – Follow for Follow (follow me and I’ll follow you)
#SMH – Shaking my Head
#LOL – Laugh out Loud
#LMAO – Laughing my A** Off
#LMFAO – Laughing my Fuc*king A** Off
#ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Popular Hashtags 2014 - Iggers Hashtag on Instagram

The hashtag #igers on Instagram has been tagged around 100 million times!

OOTD Meaning on Instagram

OOTD Meaning on Instagram 

Hashtag OOTD Meaning: What does OOTD mean on Instagram?

OOTD Meaning on Instagram

What does OOTD mean?

Outfit of the Day

OOTD is an extremely popular hashtag used on Instagtam. Users use #OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day, when they upload photos of themselves in an outfit. Users often upload Outfit of the Day photos when they get a new outfit or feel like their outfit looks nice. The acronym OOTD is also used on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, where users share photos of outfits. It is , for example.

#OOTD = Outfit of the Day

Instagram Name Link

Instagram Name Link

How to turn your name on Instagram into a link to your desired URL

Above: Instagram profiles with and without name links.

Change your Instagram name into a link:


To make your IG name a link, simply add one (^) before and after your name in the edit profile section, like so:

This will cause your name to turn into a blue hyperlink that brings users to the website listed on your account. It is a neat feature that can make your profile stand out as well as make visiting your site easier if you have a lot of text in your bio. Note: you must have url entered in your IG settings.

About Instagram Name Link:

You may have noticed a popular Instagram user’s profile that has a blue name that works as a hyperlink. Ever wonder how to do it? Simple! Anyone can do it by adding to caret symbols (^) before & after your name, like this: ^Name^. As long as you have a website entered, users will now be able to tap on both your name and your website url to open it.

IGERS Meaning on Instagram

IGERS Meaning on Instagram 

Hashtag IGERS Meaning: What does IGERS mean on Instagram?

IGERS Meaning on Instagram

What does IGERS mean?


Igers is one of the most popular hashtags on , with around 100 million tags. Igers is short for Instagrammers, or people who Instagram. It is used on all kinds of photos, from food to vacation to baby pictures. Users began using the tag in an attempt to gain followers or likes. There are now different variations of the igers hashtag, like #igersturkey, with over 2 million tags. #igers is not really used on other social networks for obvious reasons.

#IGERS = Instagrammers